Can I Sell Gold Without Bill?

Are you confused between selling gold? Then don’t be, we at Cash for Gold & Silverkings provide all necessary suggestions on what to sell and on when to sell jewelry. The next possible thought must be on how to sell. Do not worry, we have your back. Hopefully, with this guide, you will be able to start with the procedure comfortably.

You can also discuss with our executives and our experienced buyers for the current market value and any other question. There are numerous ways to sell jewellery. Most importantly, know all the available options for your jewelry with respect to the market status.

What Are the Details Required for Making A Trade?

There are no such details required. Once you apply through online, you need to upload some of the clear pictures of your item. Also, mention about the item for a clear impression on the buyer. If the jewelry matches the description and picture, we release a quote based on the current market value.

We verify the weight of your jewelry, the age including the purity. The most important deciding factor for a gold item is the purity which is considered under Karats/carats. But, we at Cash for Gold & Silverkings buy all the different carats of the valuables. Whereas other resale jewellery markets, only buy pure gold, which is 24 karats, because it is easy to read and can be identified with a hallmark signature on the jewelry. But we evaluate the item properly with an internationally recognized method, to find the exact amount of it.

So, 'YES' You Can Sell Jewelries Without A Bill

The value definitely has some impact on additional factors like documents of the same jewelry, original invoice, a hallmark sign on the jewellery, any certificate of the famous brands like PC Jewellers or Tanishq. These add more sums into the price what you might expect.

Addition Offers:-

There are more offers on the way-

We offer 15% more than the price offered based on the current market status. And we do not charge for anything additional than your response. Our personal executive would pick the item directly from your door, which is more reliable than any postal service. Also, the quote and evaluation charges are 100% FREE. We only demand your positive response at the end of our deal.

In the meantime, if you do not wish to sell your valuable jewelry anymore, we will send back the item at the same location with absolutely no charge at all.

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