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Gold Buyer In Green Park

Gold has been in the existence for over centuries of our ancestral presence. Since then, it has been used as a commodity for various means from jewelry to industrial use. Since the development of the gold market, the production of gold has tripled every year. As compared with the increase in Population, the demand for this precious metal has also increased four times. The demand of the gold is the only impact on the rise or drop of the price. Based on these above criteria, if the market is up and stable, one can easily benefit by selling old or used jewelry in the market.

Selling precious metals is mainly done by their weight, purity or the amount of actual gold in it and value as per the current market. Out of other materialistic objects, gold has been the most popular ones for the resale market. Other household items are sold with 50% of its current market value but Gold can add sums of the current value, even it is 10 years old.

Green Park, New Delhi

Green park is known for its deluxe residential areas in the Southern part of Delhi NCR. The area was established in the early ’60s. Currently, it has the amenities of a rich cosmopolitan culture with the Lux commercial areas and also some religious places. The largest greeneries of Delhi started with Green Park and extended to the south, thus it is known as the Lungs, of Delhi NCR. It is one of the poshest Districts of Delhi with A-class residential colonies. The neighboring places connect with Green park are Greater Kailash, Defence Colony and Gulmohar Park with Category B residential colonies.

Places Of Intrest

The area is divided into two parts: - Main and Extension; the main part of the area hosts for the markets providing all the necessities to the localities with a medium sized market for shopping and entertainment. The market hosts for several high standard restaurants and shopping complexes. Whereas the Extension mostly consists of residential areas with open areas for parks and recreational activities for the old and young of all age.

It is bounded by all the major areas of the Delhi with 2 major hospitals, AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital touch its boundaries in the end. Another adjoining boundary is Hauz Khas, which is in itself a great historical significance of Delhi. Its importance is sketched with numerous monuments dating back to the medieval period.


The green part is well connected with the local transit services as well as the metro. The yellow line of the metro is connected from the Huda City Center to Samaypur Badli. Other than Green Park Metro Station, Green park ext. Yusuf Sarai are the nearest marketplaces.

Shopping & Entertainment

For shopping in Green Park, one can visit the brand outlets directly in the market with its great variety of options and ranges. For fun and entertainment, the PVR EXS Chanakya, PVR Sangam, PVR Priya, Cinepolis DLF Place, and others are available.

Where to Sell Gold in Green Park?

If you are planning to get cash for gold in Delhi, silver, then you have reached the location. To sell your valuables, you need the right place with right people to avail you the best price for your jewels. Therefore, at Cash for Gold & Silverkings, you will be appointed with our most experienced buyer in a one on one sitting. With such arrangement, you will be able to speak your mind for selling your precious jewelry.

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