How Can I Get the Home Pickup Service of Cash for Gold & Silverkings?

Cash for Gold & Silverkings is the leading gold refinery industry not only in Delhi NCR but also in India. Our services have been very remarkable to compensate the financial needs of many. We have been standing out of the majority dealers in the area from over 18 years.

Mostly customers look for deal in favour for them also visit us at Gold buyer Delhi NCR official website for the unwanted jewelry, they no longer in use. This quality of the jewelry can be a broken necklace or an inherited item from a gift from your grandmother. With gold prices soaring over you drawer, it may be worth to selling your valuables and using the money instead. We can get you a great deal without making any fuss of the process.

How Do We Start with The Procedure?

It is no wonder about a gold refinery market in the town, but most of them aren’t real. Some even do not have any recognized websites. So your prior input must be searching a recognized website like Cash Against Gold. The other jewelry buyers will not seek your attention and deal everything on their own; we deal everything from start to finish in front of our customers. We try to maintain the transparency of our work and let the customer be in control of every decision

From the initiation of an order, we take everything very seriously. Once you upload the picture of your jewelry, you wish to sell, we ask for relatable details associated with the items. We prefer to give more importance in the jewelry with a proper invoice or original documents. Any item may be old or broken no longer have the certificates against its weight and purity; our expert jewelry evaluators check and verify the item with an internationally recognized method. They ultimately predict the right weight and accurate purity of the item.

How and Why We Self-Pick?

Once you make your mind, we will send out a team to personally pick your item right from the door. We avail a free home pickup facility within the radius of 45 km in Delhi NCR. This service makes transportation easier and more secure. There are companies who use postal or courier services for transporting expensive items; these methods of transporting jewelry or stones are never safe and leave an unsatisfactory mark on the customers. Self-picking the product also provides a confidence in the customers towards us; this encourages us to provide the high level of efficiency in our work and offer the excellence.

So be prepared with us as our services cover all expenses and only provides you with a quote with 15% extra sums to the market value of your item.

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