How to Sell Gold Coins in Just 3-Simple Steps?

When you are already looking for a good sale, you can easily make out which place to prefer and which one to not pick. With this guide, you will be able to make a difference and have a profit in the end. Gold creates a difference in the market because of its charm and nature. This ultimately proportionates with the demand of this metal; the more the demand rises the cost increases accordingly.

The gold coins come in low denominations, as low as 0.5 grams; this makes it feasible to buy gold coins in abundance. But very fewer buyers will offer a guaranteed sale. Gold coins are different than normal jewelry which are excluded with designs. Whereas jewelry designs come with a clashing range of prices and are tested in a different way. Therefore, not every jewelry buyer can evaluate coins, biscuits, ingots, bars, etc.

Firstly, verify the dealer who takes in your precious metals. Once you know where to sell them, you can make a profit. So, going any further, cash for gold & silverkings is here to take all your research in the right direction. You can easily sell your valuable assets in just 3-simple steps.

Steps to Sell Gold Coins

Once you decide to Sell Gold Coins, you have to send the recent pictures of your jewelry to us. All the details are mentioned below. When we receive your images, we will respond immediately.

We will provide a pick-up service from any location within a 45-km radius and deliver to the valuation center. This service offers a calm and secure way to transit heavy items with zero additional charges.

After evaluation through our German Keratometer, we will release our first quote. Generally, we offer the highest value of the market to make no bargain with the deal. But we offer to keep cooling off period in case the customer is not looking for any value for related sentiments. For an online order, we send back the valuables with the same medium in such cases. And if the customers please with our quote, we release the payment in any preferred medium.

Our services provide a wide range of offers including a 15% extra payment. Also, with our services, there are no extra charges for evaluation, transportation, etc. We are one of the most leading second-hand jewelry markets in Delhi NCR. Therefore, we do not look back to offer our best services. We pay instant cash and are able to pay any amount of cash maintaining total transparency with the customer.

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