How to Sell Gold in Noida India?

Have you been to sell gold in the market what happens there? You feel much confusion because almost everyone there tells you a different price for your precious item. Some will tell you that your metal is not pure some will offer low cash for gold because of its different shape. So let us see some common problems and their solution and we will also discuss how to sell gold in Noida India without any problem. So let us discuss it one by one.

1. Jeweler’s Refusal

The first problem you can face is the refusal of the seller of your ornament from whom you had purchased it because you have lost or your invoice copy or bill is not with you.


You can keep your invoice copy or bill with you while going to trade, this will tell the cost, pureness, and weight which can’t be easily denied and the person has to pay you desired denominations.

2. Less Knowledge of Purity

This is a common thing that they make that your metal is not of 24 karats there is a mixing and different excuse so that they have to pay less.


You should know the quantity of impurity which will automatically define the cleanness of your precious item and also become proof to get a better price for it.

3. Unawareness about The Cost

Most people sell their articles in a hurry without knowing that they could have made more money from the same amount.


The cost of the yellow metal changes in minutes sometimes it is much unpredicted that prices when the price will rise or when it is lower. So you should be researching by observing the market and also asking from 5 to 10 buyers or jewelers so that you can have the knowledge of your item’s value.

4. Concentrated Item

The people use to break and measure the cleanness of precious metal.


Be very sure that alloys or impurities are not going to pay you a single penny only the concentration of yellow metal will worth something they will remove all the other things mixed in it and pay you for the left precious residual.

5. Best Place to Sell

People sell their ornaments to any shop or buyers whom they find first this can be risky.


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